Black And White Portraiture – 27th April 2013

The secrets and techniques of creating stunning black and white portraits.

Some of the most striking photographs in history are in black and white or monotone. Creating such works of art is far more involved than simply taking a normal colour photo on your digital camera and then desaturating it in Photoshop or Lightroom. Each step of the creative process needs extreme care and attention to detail in order to produce the end result of a stunning portrait. This course will help you unlock those secrets and methods involved to produce spectacular photos of your own.


Have you ever wondered why your black and white images look dull and lifeless? Are they just a mish mash of shades of grey with no real power to the style or look of the photo? At the Black and White Portraiture course on the 27th April we will show you exactly how to turn those dull, grey photos into powerful images. We will work through every stage of the process from firstly the subject right through to the final image processing in Photoshop and Lightroom. You will find out the hidden secrets of great black and white portrait photography and these simple but elusive methods can also be transposed to black and white photography of other genres such as landscapes.


The training day will start at 10:30am prompt and we will finish at around 4:30pm. The location is at Savile Bridge Studios, Dewsbury. It’s basically right opposite Asda car park on Savile Road. Do not park in Asda as there is a two hour limit, parking is best on Mill Street East. The cost for the day is £45, please bring lunch with you as food is not provided (although Asda is only a two minute walk away.)


Entry to the studio is through this door:


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